Thursday, 17 September 2015

No shame!

I saw this video recently on youtube about fat shaming (we probably all have) and though I won't talk about that specific video, I still want to spend a few minutes on body shaming in general. 

I'm going to start this off by saying I'm against all body shaming and I don't think any person or a group of people has the right to shame someone else because of the way they look or how much they weigh. I think we can all agree that extremes as far as weight is concerned aren't particularly good for our health and that people who have problems with weight at both ends of the spectrum realise that. So shaming anyone won't do any good and will most likely have the opposite effect. By telling them that they are not good enough because they don't fit certain standards, they won't get motivated to change anything. In fact, it will do quite the opposite. By making them feel worthless, you have probably just worsened the situation. A lot of people's weight issues stem from emotional trauma, so you are basically just adding fuel to fire. 
Society puts great pressure on all of us to look our best, no matter the consequences. And because the media sets such unrealistic expectations of what our best should be, a lot of people feel shit about the way they look. That can lead to disordered eating, both under and overeating, and even eating disorders. In an attempt to fight these societal standards, a lot of people started creating body positive content. But some of it missed the mark. While trying to empower larger people, they shamed skinnier people for their body type. Creating this idea that they were only desirable if they had some "meat on their bones". Again, this idea is flawed. Instead of spreading the message that no one should be shamed based on the way their body looks, they're just reversing the roles. And if anyone should see something wrong with that, it should be the people that faced discrimination based on their weight themselves. I've heard people say things like: "You're too skinny, go eat a burger!", "You're so anorexic!" and "No one wants to play with bones!" to skinnier people and it's just as disgusting as someone telling an overweight person to stop stuffing their face with fast food. It is just as harmful and damaging to the person on the receiving end. I think most of us have experienced some form of body shaming, either from society, our "friends" or even our family. So why would we keep on supporting it, when we know how much it hurts? 

We should all stop buying into these shaming tactics that are making us buy products to "improve" ourselves. Because the only way to truly improve your lifestyle, is to start loving yourself the way you are. And when you love your body, you also have the motivation to take good care of it. And what feels better than a healthy mind in a healthy body? 

Okay now onto my outfit! I'm a bit obsessed with this jacket that I bought for running in the chilly autumn evenings. And I will probably just end up wearing everywhere else instead. And the pink clashes amazingly with my hair! 

I'm wearing: 

top - H&M
skirt - H&M 
jacket - SportsDirect 
shoes - Dr Martens
choker - H&M
lipstick - Illamasqua, shade Apocalypse

Thank you so much for reading and hopefully I'll be back next week! 
Until then, enjoy! 

XX, Ingrid


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