Friday, 11 September 2015


Becoming more comfortable in my body has been a really freeing experience. And with accepting my body as it is, I fell in love with the natural state of my breasts. I was never a big fan of bras, they were always so restrictive and I couldn't wait to take them off at the end of the day. So I started to ask myself, why do I wear them? And the answer was simple. Not because I liked it, not to have support, not to feel good about myself, but because it was expected of me to do so. 
But why? Some people explained to me that my breasts will get saggy, if I don't wear a bra. Which is probably true, but it has been proven that bras don't prevent that from happening either. But the industry still has us convinced that we should be ashamed of our anatomy and its natural state in order to sell products. It feeds off people's insecurities and with the media setting unrealistic expectations of how our bodies should look, it's no wonder we have them. But there has to be another reason why people are so bothered by seeing women free boobing. And it's their nipples. Ah yes, the horror. Our nipples and the movement Free the Nipple have been a major topic in the media in the past few years and are a part of our fight for equality of the sexes. 
But why are nipples such a big deal? Well apparently not all of them are. If you're a man, it is perfectly acceptable to walk around shirtless. No one would look at you twice for it. If a woman walked around topless though, everyone would accuse her of being a whore, she would be "asking for it", she would turn a lot of heads and in most parts of the world she would also get arrested for it. Women's nipples are constantly censored online, while guys are praised for posting their topless selfies. Women are also shamed or even punished for breastfeeding in public. But why? What separates the male and female nipple? The answer is nothing. Anatomy-wise all nipples are just nipples. But our society, still ruled by men, doesn't see it that way. Women have been hypersexualized for ages and the only time women's nipples are shown, is in porn. So most people think our nipples are inherently sexual, making them different from male nipples, that aren't viewed that way. They think that if women were allowed to walk around topless, men would get distracted and wouldn't be able to control their sexual desires. Which in itself is a bullshit argument. But if we look just a century back, men weren't allowed to be topless either. They had to cover their torso on the beach, or else they were fined. They got tired of that, so they rallied against it and now men have the the right to be topless. And after having that right for decades, no one seems to be disturbed by their nipples. So if it happened for men, why can't it be the same for women? Once the change is normalised, it won't be a sexual thing anymore. After the initial shock, people would get used to it and in a matter of years, it would be a perfectly normal occurrence. There is no reason to keep putting this off for a more appropriate time. That time is now. We have waited long enough and it's about time we reach equality. But we have to speak up and not let our voices be silenced. Because together we are strong and together we can change the world, one nipple at a time. 
Now to close this off, let me just say that I'm in no way stating that there is something wrong with wearing bras or wanting to have your breasts (and nipples) covered. But it's about the freedom of choice, the ability to make that decision for yourself and not have others making it for you. Do whatever works for you because it is your body and your life and you should be comfortable in whatever decision you make for yourself. 

Okay now onto the fashion part of this post! Here are the photos of one of my favourite outfits recently. I'm completely in love with these pants and I would just live in them if I could. I hope you like it!

I'm wearing: 

top - Topshop
pants - H&M
blazer - H&M
choker - Asos
sun necklace - H&M

Thank you so much for reading and hopefully I'll be back next week! 
Until then, enjoy! 

XX, Ingrid


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