Thursday, 12 February 2015

If I were a boy pt. 3

Hello lovely people! Last week the weather conditions made it impossible to have a photo shoot, so I had no choice but to miss a post. But I'm back with part 3 of my If I were a boy series. 
I honestly love this whole series and dressing in a more masculine manner. Especially because my facial features can be quite masculine without make up and glasses. And also because I like being a different persona every day, it makes life more interesting. However, I want to address the issue I have with the title of this post. Yes, I know it's the title I wrote and I'm not going to change it. The title is: IF I were a boy, insinuating that you can only wear certain clothes if you're a man and others if you're a woman. We're thought to distinguish how a male and a female should look from a very young age, when we're not even aware of it, how blue is a colour for boys and pink is for girls. From the day we are born we are treated differently according to our sex, we're dressed differently, we play with different toys (usually babies and cooking for girls and cars, all sorts of stuff you can build, etc. for boys). We're taught what our role in society is, what we should like and how we should dress. Dressing up, make up and painting nails is a things girls do. But is it really? What exactly is wrong with guys wearing make up and painting their nails if they please? If you ask someone that question, he's probably going to answer that that's weird and you're not a "real" man if you wear make up and paint your nails (whatever "real" man means). But they have no real argument. It's the way our minds are programmed after years of society trying to tell us what we should or shouldn't do. But there is no real reason for guys not to wear skirts and make up, just as much as there's no reason for girls not to wear clothes viewed as masculine. And one other misconception is, that just because I feel like dressing "like a guy" one day, I want to be a guy. No, I'm quite happy with being a woman. The same goes for guys that are called gay for practically anything. And even how it's used as an insult on a daily basis is beyond fucked up, but more on that some other day. Clothes do not effect your sexuality, sex or your gender. No matter if you're male or female, if you don't identify with either, if you're born in the wrong body, if you're gay, lesbian, bisexual... You are born the way you are and clothes don't change that. 
Okay I'll end my rant here and just let you enjoy the photos. 

I'm wearing: 

shirt - my brother's 
blazer - H&M
pants - H&M 
belt - my mum's
shoes - Zara
coat - H&M

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely week! XX


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