Friday, 13 June 2014

Hi guys! This is my first attempt of putting out two posts a week and lets hope I keep my promise. I bought this dress two years ago at the end of primary school and only wore it twice. And because my brother is about to finish primary school today, I decided to wear it again. I also promised myself I would wear it more, because it's a lovely dress and it doesn't deserve to sit in the closet. Okay, so here is the outfit!

I bought my floral dress in Bershka and complimented it with my brother's shirt (that's too small on him). He bought it in H&M by the way. On my feet I have my trusty platform sneakers by Y.R.U. 

I know all of my last posts have been pretty short and unfortunately it will be the same for this one. I just wanted to ask you how you like the new blog layout. I'm planning to change it as soon as I have some time on my hands, but until than it'll have to do. Although I like the minimalism of it, so I'll probably keep it somewhere along these lines. If you have any ideas or wishes for my next blog posts, tell me in the comments down bellow or on my account. And in the last week of June there probably won't be two posts, but I will hopefully have a vlog from Vienna for you! Oh gosh, I'm so excited. We're going on June 25., so immediately after finishing school. Okay I'll end it here, because I really have to get ready for David's primary school graduation. 
I hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you a lovely weekend. 
Love you guys! xx


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