Thursday, 29 May 2014

Power of mind

 Hi everyone, I'm back with another OOTD. It's the outfit I wore on Tuesday. This week we have more than enough time and we decided to have more than one photoshoot, so we'll have photos even if one of us is busy. But there will still be one post a week, probably on Thursday. Okay, so without further ado, here are the photos. 

I'm wearing a white midi skirt I bought in Zara last week and on my top half I have a basic grey crop top. The jacket belongs to my mother. I was going through her closet and I tried it on. She said it was too big on her so I took it and I just adore it. 

This week has great, to day the least. Today we had a self defence seminar and the instructor, or what you may call him, was a real inspiration. It wasn't just about fighting, it was about finding a confidence in yourself to stand up for yourself. About battling stress and overcoming it and reaching your full potential. I think those skills are really useful in life and the moves we learned could also come in handy. He teaches at Kempo Arnis and I'm seriously thinking about joining them. There mentality is great and it would be an awesome stress reliever. They also put great emphasis on psychology and real life situations. I don't know, maybe. But anyway, I really enjoyed myself today and I can't wait 'till tomorrow! And we broke a sweat too.
Okay that will be all from me for today. I hope you enjoyed the photos and I'll be back in a week. 

Until then, I love you guys! xx

Friday, 23 May 2014

A Sky Full of Stars

Hi everyone! It's finally Friday and I'm barely alive (which you'll be able to see in my photos unfortunately). The past few weeks were exhausting and I'm glad that school is almost finished. Things didn't go as planned, but nothing ever does, now does it? So I'm just happy the tests are over, because I can't handle any more. So now that I got that out there I can move on with my post. Today I have an OOTD for you and I hope you like it.

I'm wearing my gorgeous new Hayden boyfriend jeans from Topshop and on my top half I have a Nirvana crop top and my white blazer (which I totally didn't need today, since it was soooo hot outside). I finished the look with my new Asics running shoes, some lennons and a black bag. 

I'm going to make this pretty short. School is almost finished and I want to congratulate every single one of you. I think we all deserve an applause and if no one else will do that, why not do it ourselves? I think we don't do that often enough. We punish ourselves for the bad stuff, but never give ourselves a pat on the back and say: "You did well today, you really did!" 
Okay that'll be everything from me today. I'm going to make myself some strawberry ice cream right now, yuum. 
I'll be back next week and until than, have fun and enjoy every day:D 

Love you guys! xx

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Mourning Doll

Not going to ramble on too much today, because I have a test to study for. But I just have to mention, that I've been really inspired by creepy gothic things recently, and my fashion is also gravitating towards that. I would really like to thank Saša for suggesting this place for the photoshoot! Well enjoy:D

I'm wearing a gorgeous white maxi dress with lace detailing from H&M, a cross necklace from Topshop and the shoes are Y.R.U. and were bought on Nastygal. My nailpolish is Bastille my heart by O.P.I.

Okay unfortunately I don't have time today to write anything else, but I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as we enjoyed making them. 
Have a great week, love you guys! xx

Thursday, 1 May 2014

HAUL | Topshop, H&M, Asos

    So as promised I made a haul for you. I know it's not edited that well, but I had a few problems with my laptop and had to use my dad's laptop that only has Windows Movie Maker. I hope it doesn't bother you as much as it bothers me. I'm also sorry for not looking straight into the camera, but it's hard if you're not used to it. Well I hope you enjoy the video anyway.

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