Thursday, 10 April 2014

Morbid Angel

Hi guys, I have another OOTD for you today, although I wore a different outfit most of the day (I wore jeans instead of the skirt), because it was gloomy and quite cold. I wanted to do an all black outfit for a while now and to top that I wore an all leather (well it's not actually real leather) black look and I hope you like it. We only managed to make a few shots because it started raining and I did my make up very quickly just before the shoot. I rarely wear make up these days and today was no exception. I put on only a bit of eyeliner and some lipstick. Okay enough of me talking, here are the photos!

On my top half I'm wearing a leather look crop top with fishnet detailing on the shoulders that I ordered on Asos. Both the faux leather skirt and jacket are from H&M. My shoes are Y.R.U. and I bought them on Nastygal. My nails are blue again, because this nail polish is just insaaane!

Today didn't start well, most of my day was not good at all and I am the one to blame. But I don't want to talk about that. So I came to our drama club today feeling down and upset. And than our teacher (well more like a mentor probably) told us the theme that we're going to work with the next couple of weeks. We're doing this gothic/horror type thing and I'm soooo excited, it's just my cup of tea. If I watch documentaries on serial killers in my free time that says a thing or two about my interests. I've been waiting for something like this for soooo long, and now we're even making a full length show (that we may or may not present). Creepy dolls, creepy music, dead people... What more could you wish for? 
It really made my day and now I can't wait until next Thursday when we continue working on it. I'll probably spend hours thinking about it, imagining different scenes and developing the plot. 
Okay, enough information for one day. I hope you enjoyed the post and thank you for reading. 

Love you guys! xx


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