Friday, 17 January 2014

The black and grey world

Hi guys! My post is late yet again, because my dad had a birthday yesterday and I came home quite late in the evening. So I have an OOTD for you and it's what I wore yesterday. Just a simple black outfit, because black on black on black is just the best colour combination! I also did some shopping yesterday (finally!) so I'm excited to show you what I bought. Now let's get on with the outfit. 

So, as I said, simple. The main piece is this lovely black bodycon dress, that has a gorgeous print (that you probably can't see). Over it I have my black faux fur coat that I've been literally living in and on my feet I have my T.U.K. creepers. My nails are black, with a matte overcoat and I for accessories I only have my silver chain necklace. 

If you're wondering why my dress is barely visible in most of the pictures, it would be because I don't really like any of them. Honestly I didn't feel that great with the dress hugging my body so tightly. How do you deal with gaining weight? We're all bombarded with images of what we are suppose to look like and we see ourselves differently because of that. Why should I have to be 5 kg lighter or 10 cm taller? That won't make my life better or easier in any way. But still we all strive for perfection. And it doesn't exist. We're all different and beautiful in our own way. I may find someone attractive that you don't and vice versa. So everyone is someone's idea of perfection. Not a lot of people can honestly say they like the way they look, and it's not because they aren't beautiful. It's because our image of ourselves is distorted by the media. And it's wrong, because kilograms don't define you, they don't define how much someone finds you attractive, they don't define the path of your life. And even though I'm telling you all of this, I still have a hard time putting it through my thick skull. One step at a time they say. Enough with the confessions!

I hope you all have a great weekend, thank you for reading and remember, you're beautiful!
Love you guys! xx


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