Friday, 10 January 2014

Somewhere in between

Hi guys, I'm back and I bring you another OOTD and I wore this outfit today. It has been quite warm these past couple of weeks, not a typical winter at all! The weather is very much spring-like and that was sort of the inspiration for my outfit. I wanted to bring a little summer into these winter days, even though this winter only exists on the calender. It's very nautical, stripes combined with rich blue tones just make me think of summer! So without further ado, here's the outfit.

I wore these blue shorts that are kinda big on me, because I bought them when I was a bit larger. On the top half I have a striped crop top from H&M and over it my mums cardigan in a similar blue colour as the pants. On my feet I had a pair of creepers from the brand T.U.K. and I also wore my black coat that I ordered on Romwe. My nails are a matte red colour and so is my lipstick with an orange undertone, which you probably can't see in these photos. It's very bright and vibrant to contrast the coldness of the outfit a bit. My eye make up is just basic winged liner and some mascara, nothing drastic. 

So yesterday (on Thursday) I wrote the first part of my post and than I feel asleep. I mean it makes sense, I barely had any sleep this week, not more than one or two hours a day. So it had to take it's toll sooner or later. And I didn't have to study so there wasn't any real harm done. At least I'm rested. 
So I know I'm writing my thoughts and opinions on the internet this very moment, but I think with all these social networks nowadays we share too much. I believe some things should be private or kept in your inner circle of friends. There's nothing wrong with talking about your opinion on things, but I often gets way too personal...well at least for some of us. You can literally find out anything about some people on the internet who you don't even know. And if you think that some cute guy from your school is reading it is seems okay, but what if that guy was 50, and he was stalking you and now he knows everything you just wrote. And he can contact you anonymously without you even knowing who he is. And people lie, that's just the way it is. Most people aren't who they say they are on the internet, either they're pretending to be another person or they just alter their personalities to your desires. I mean you could be talking to a serial killer and giving him your address. The other thing is sharing information that is between you and another person. By this I mostly mean sex related stuff or personal problems between friends or in a family environment. It's okay, you had sex with whoever, your friend did that and your mother said that, but the world doesn't need to know about it. Because what you post on the internet, stays there. We all just want to know more and more, and it's just time consuming. Instead of living a fantasy life and talking to people you don't know, why not go out and talk to your actual friends. I mean you can't really blame anyone else if you don't like your life and you do nothing about it but sit in front of the computer and complain to the masses of people possibly reading it. I may sound a bit hypocritical, because I am sitting in front of my computer atm and "talking" to people who read my blog, but it's not the same thing at all. Okay, so I rest my case.

Bye guys, I love you and thank you for reading! xx


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