Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Shine on you crazy diamond

Hi guys, another week has gone by and I'm here to show you another outfit I wore. Last Friday I finally did some shopping and I found this amazing leather skort. I've been seeing loads of skorts everywhere in the past year, but they never really caught my eye. This one on the other hand just spoke to me in the store and I had to get it. It incredibly comfortable to wear, really soft. And it looks absolutely gorgeous if I may say so! Okay so here are the photos.

So as I mentioned before I was wearing my new leather skort from Zara. On the top half I have this white fluffy jumper from H&M and my silver chain, also from H&M. Shoes and my coat are staples in my wardrobe and you have seen them before. Shoes are Y.R.U. and the coat is from Romwe. My nails are black with a OPI matte top coat and on my lips I have Maybelline's Oh La Lilac.

January is slowly coming to a close and these next few weeks will be a bit more relaxed for me. Only two tests until the end of February and that means I can start focusing more on some things outside school. To be honest I don't really do much other than school related work most of the school year. Books, writing, working out...all of these things are put on the side track, because I either don't have time or don't have the energy to do them. So now I'm determined to continue writing one of my stories, read a few books and, if there isn't any snow, go for a run. Maybe I'll post the story somewhere (not here of course) if anyone is interested in reading it...well probably not. Okay enough rambling for this week!

Enjoy and I love you guys! xx


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