Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Her eyes are a blue milion miles

Well I didn't post anything on Thursday, so I'm making my last post of the year on it's last day.
It would be the outfit I would wear if I were going somewhere. But I'm not, so I wore it yesterday for my date with UroŇ° instead. So here it is.

On I have my favourite blue blouse and a black cardigan over it, since it is sleeveless and I would be cold otherwise. On the bottom half I have my black maxi skirt with slits on both sides. In an ideal world I would be wearing chunky heels, but my ankle still hurts from the injury, so I wore my black Y.R.U. platforms instead. But I think they go quite well with the outfit. And the final piece is my black faux fur coat from Romwe that I absolutely adore! 

So here it is, last day of the year. I really hope 2013 was as great for you as it was for me. So many great things happened, and also some not so pleasant ones. But there has to be a little bit of everything, a perfect mixture of bitter and sweet. In a few hours the year will end giving you a chance for a new beginning. Even if you think that you can't you can always start over, forget the past and make things better for yourself. Make some resolutions and than work for your goals, that's all you need for 2014 to be the best year so far. And if you're happy with where you are in your life right now, continue down this path and reach for the stars. I wish you all the best, because you deserve it, even if you don't think so yourself. You have the potential, you just have to make the best of it. May 2014 be your year, be happy, be sad, be anything you want to be, because you can!

I love you guys, a BIG thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog and supporting me!
Happy new year to all of you! xxx

Thursday, 19 December 2013

You and I are gonna live forever

Hello lovelies! It's Thursday again and I have another OOTD for you. These photos were taken on the day of our anniversary, but I had a different post in mind for that day. So let's get right into it!

First I have on a black crop top with lace detailing and over it a simple black cardigan just to keep me warm. Over it I have my black faux leather jacket and denim gilet from H&M. These beautiful light high waisted jeans are from Topshop and on my feet I have my T.U.K. creepers. Around my waist I tied my red plaid shirt just to give the outfit a pop of colour. I finished it off with my black beanie and bold make up. 

These past few weeks have been crazy! And at one point I just felt like I would collapse and die on the spot, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to keep your head up and sooner or later the Sun will shine through. My motivation was holidays, just one more test and than Christmas time! And it was worth it, even though I might have failed somewhere. Yesterday I slept through the whole day, because I just needed to relax a bit and forget about school. I feel much better now, energised and ready for more relaxation. :D And today I got a mail that my coat has just arrived to Slovenia, just when I gave up. I already wrote to Romwe about a refund yesterday and buum the coat arrives. I take it as a sign. When you want to give up just hold on a bit longer. 
So if you have any tests comin' up just hold on, holidays are near. Anyway I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and that you spend it with loved ones. 
And you'll be hearing from me in a week!

Until that, bye guys love ya all! xx

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Champagne Supernova

Another week has gone by and I'm back with an OOTD for you. I wore this outfit to school today, but I changed it up a bit, because it was quite cold and I really don't want to get sick right now. With that said, here is my outfit. 

The centre piece of my outfit is this red denim midi pencil skirt from Zara, and it's my favourite skirt at the moment. On top I have this blueish bralet with a tropical print that I got from H&M. I normally don't mix and match really bold colours, but I think the blue and the red go really well together in this outfit, because the plain white shirt breaks it up a bit. And it's just a basic button-up shirt from H&M. On my feet I decided to go with my black Dr. Martens boots and I wore two pairs of tights underneath, because it was really cold this morning. I also wore my green coat over it. 

My week has been pretty interesting to say the least. Maybe not all in a positive way, but interesting nonetheless. My psychology teacher always seems to know exactly what to say at the right time, and this week was no different. If you want something to happen, you need to do something about it. I know this is like the most basic logic one could possess, but it's sometimes harder than you'd think. I'm not gonna tell you what I'm talking about specifically, but it did take me much too long to do this. I could say half a year, but in reality I should have done this two years ago. I don't know why I postpone things like that, because I do try to do work related things on time. But somehow I just convince myself it's not really important until it becomes just that. And just so you know, I made the right decision to take action. I feel better, cleansed in a way. It has got me to start thinking about what I'm doing and I hope I won't stop here. I really want to progress and that won't happen with me just sitting in the corner of my room feeling sorry for myself. No one is perfect and there are always ways to work on your mindset, the way you think and act, evolve. And when you're reading this think to yourself if there is anything you have wanted to do for a long time, do it. I'm not joking, if not now then when? Life truly is too short to miss out on things, and trust me, there is nothing worse that thinking "what if..." !
I hope you have a great week and that you enjoyed this post.

Love you guys! xx

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