Thursday, 28 November 2013

We don't need no thought control

Hi guys! I have an outfit of the day for you today and it's the outfit I wore on Tuesday. Again we barely had any time to make these photos, so I'm quite pleased with what we produced, since we had less than twenty minutes. Thankfully the weather was great, though it was quite cold and windy. But a fine day nonetheless. So lets get started. 

I'm wearing these navy blue pants with elasticated waist that I bought in Zara and I just adore them. They are so comfy, but elegant at the same time. On top I have just a basic black crop top with this lace detailing on the cleavage area that I got from Bershka and over it I have my new white blazer from H&M that I got two sizes large, because I like it a bit oversized. It's probably my favourite piece of clothing at the moment and I have to stop myself from wearing it every day, so I don't get tired of it too quickly. On my feet are my black T.U.K. creepers that I got off Amazon. On my face again just my basic make up, some mascara, black winged eyeliner and a red lip, and on my nails you can notice my Bourjois nail polish again.

So, what's new? Not much really, it's just been school all the time for the past month or so nothing particularly interesting. Right now I was supposed to be in Novo mesto buying a new phone, since the one I have is absolute crap because it's broken and the battery doesn't work,  but that plan went South. And mom said we were going to get it tomorrow, so I hope that she doesn't change her mind again. I can't live like this, constantly depending on people around me, borrowing their phones all the time. But it's not just with the phone, I hate being dependant on other people in general. I just find that things are better done if I do them myself. And I have to wait for no one and don't have to consider other people's plans. I do think of myself as quite independent for my age, at least I try to be. I try to rely on my parent's finances as little as possible by buying clothes, electronic devices, paying for my phone bill myself with money I earn during summer or my scholarship. So it really get's on my nerves when the things I want to do depend on their approval. As for example, if I was to do a photoshoot with a photographer I would need a consent from them. And if I don't get one I can't do the photoshoot, because I'm not 18 yet. Nerve-wrecking, I know. It's not like that with all things, for example I won't change the way I dress or any other aspect of my appearance even if they hate it, which sometimes they do. But still I sometimes feel limited, because even though I know they only think of my well-being, they aren't always right. But they seem to think they are, just because they are more than twice my age. I'm not saying everything they tell me is bollocks, because it's not and I value their opinion very much, but no one is always right. I better end my rant right here, before it get's too long. I just start typing and I can't seem to stop. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post, at least the outfit part, and you'll hear from me soon!

Have a great week! xx


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