Monday, 11 November 2013

Transitioning weather

Here it is. Summer ended before we knew it and Fall came. And now it's almost winter time. Transitioning from one season to another is always difficult for me and I don't think I'm the only one. It's not just the problem of buying a whole new wardrobe, because there are probably some pieces from previous years that you can use. You can find new ways to incorporate your old clothes, maybe even take a pair of scissors and reinvent it. 
 If not, you should go smart about your purchases. Try to think long term and by that I mean invest in statement pieces that will be the foundation for your style. For me that means a nice jacket or a coat, a skirt that stands out or a well made dress. Something that you can wear day in and day out and it instantly makes your outfit pop. And I almost forgot, invest in a good pair of shoes! In my opinion shoes can make or break an outfit, so you really shouldn't underestimate their importance. You may or may not have figured it out, but I have a minor obsession with shoes at the moment, so I may make a whole post about shoes I like. Well as I was saying, spend more money on clothing that you think defines your style. Than you can add just a simple shirt or a pair of pants and you have a great looking outfit. 
So let's look more into the cooler seasons, by that I mean Fall and Winter of course. If you're like me and don't mind wearing skirts, shorts and short dresses when it's cold outside you won't have a problem with diversity. In that case make sure you always have a stack of tights at home and a pair of over the knee socks, because they always come in handy when you need some warmth. 
But I believe most of you rather stick to pants when Summer ends, so things can get a bit boring sometimes. You can avoid that by choosing a more out there and crazy pair of trousers, that can spice things up a bit. Another thing that I find useful is layering. Warm jumpers and cardigans are your best friends in this part of the year. You can simply throw on a jumper over a shirt and baaam, you look great. And you're warm too, isn't that great? That way you can also play with proportion. If you want to show for example the highwaistedness of your pants you can still wear a crop top, just throw a shirt or a cardigan over it and you can top it of with a gilet. Possibilities are endless really.
 Then comes the coat. If  you don't mind putting a bit more money into it I would advise you to buy a high quality one, because it's going to last you longer. In this case choose something versatile in shape and colour, something that you won't get tired of after a year. But if you find that your style changes often, buy something that doesn't completely empty your wallet. 
Now for the shoes, my favourite part.You can't go wrong with a simple black boot. Depending on your style you decide for yourself what kind of boot that might be. Ankle boots are better for fall, but when snow falls you'll need something more functional. Combat boots are a good option if your style is more on the tough side, because they are waterproof in most cases and you can wear them with pretty much everything. If you want something more feminine, you can stick with the leather, but find something with a heel instead. But make sure they are above the ankle, otherwise you may have some problems. 
The last thing you need are a pair of gloves, a scarf and a hat. A bit obvious you might say. This year a pair of leather gloves have caught my eye, but I'm not really sure if they soothe me. A warm and thick infinity scarf is a great option, because if keeps you from catching a cold and at the same time makes a great accessory. For the hat you can go with anything from a plain beanie to a bowler hat or even a beret. 
At the end of the day the only thing that matters is that you feel comfortable.

Here are some of my picks for fall/winter outfits this year:

Thank you for reading guys, I hope you find something useful in all this rambling. Love you! xx


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