Sunday, 3 November 2013

DIY Floral Crown

Today I'll be showing you how I made my black floral crown. This is how the finished product looks.

So to make a floral crown you will first need a plain headband similar to this one:

I used a black one from a two pack that I got in H&M, but you can use any colour you like. Just make sure it's minimalistic and not too thick, so it isn't visible under the flowers. 

As you might have figured out already the next thing you'll need are some flowers: 

The type of flower and it's colour is really up to you, I would just advise you not to choose one too big, or you might have trouble with attaching it. Mine are also from H&M and they were originally hair clips, but i removed the clip part. And It think they have them in variety of colours, if you decide to purchase them. Mine are black, because...who doesn't love black?

So the last thing you're going to need is a glue gun:

You can use super glue, but a glue gun just worked better for me particularly. 

Now the process of making the crown is pretty simple. You plug in your glue gun and wait for it to get really hot. Be sure to put a sheet of paper underneath to protect the surface. After a few minutes squeeze the trigger to see if the glue if hot enough to flow out. In the meantime position the flowers around the headband the way you want them to look. When your gun is ready start from the middle of the headband. This way you'll make sure that the flower are evenly spread around it. So now you just attach the flowers one by one. Try not to jiggle it around too much until you're really sure the glue is dry. It make take some time, don't forget, you can't rush perfection. Otherwise you'll have to redo it when it falls off. 

So that's it, you now have a beautiful flower crown. I hope this post was helpful in any way.

Have a nice day, love you guys! xx


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