Monday, 28 October 2013

Confidence is beauty

Hey there lovely people that are reading my blog, it's me again and today I bring to you a post that's a bit different from my usual outfit of the day post. Quite a few people have asked me where I get the confidence to wear what I like, even if it's considered weird and unconventional by some people. So I decided to write about it today, since I don't have a photographer this week. This will mainly be a post about style confidence, but wearing clothes that make you feel attractive and comfortable in front of other people will generally boost your self esteem. Let's get started.
The first thing that I want to point out that most people, and by that I mean random people that you don't know on the street, don't really care as much as you think. They aren't really bothered by your appearance, and even if they are you should be flattered that they just wasted a couple of minutes of their life thinking about you. Look at it this way, they aren't a part of your everyday life, so why should you allow them to affect it? That's right, you shouldn't. They don't matter. And for all you know, they might just be admiring your outfit or just your confidence in being yourself.
The next thing I want to address are the people that are close to you. In this category are your friends and family, so the people that in fact do matter and are a big part of your life, so you can't just ignore them. If they are showing a great deal of disapproval, they aren't being good friends to you. I have friends that don't necessarily like everything I wear, but that doesn't mean that they criticize me because of it. They accept that I'm different, and so should your friends. It's not really their business and there is no reason for them to treat you any different because of what you are wearing. It's the same thing if people that are suppose to be your friends treat you differently because of your weight or any other physical aspects of yourself. So if they can't accept you for who you are, find people who will, because you deserve it! 
When it comes to people at school, they might give you dirty looks and think of your style as silly or stupid, who are they to judge? There aren't any rules. There is no right or wrong, there is just being yourself. Imagine a world where everyone looked like clones of each other...that would be crazy. You are being yourself, and that's the best person you can be. If they notice you, that means that you're making a statement and if you want to be successful you have to get noticed. If you want to just blend in and stay in the background your whole life, that's fine too.
Another presumption is that you can't wear something because you're a certain body type. Society gives you this idea that it's only okay to wear some clothes if you have a stick thin model figure and only some people can pull it off. And it's not even true. It's just society telling us that we can't show our body off and be proud of how we look if we aren't slim. But if you want to wear short shorts and crop tops, go ahead! We just have to start with ourselves and change our own perception of things. 

Okay, I just realized that this turned out to be a bit longer than I imagined. But I really hope you read all of it and that it helps you at least a little bit. 

You are beautiful, remember that! xx

And I just wanted to add a photo, so this post wouldn't be too plain, so here's a photo with my lovely girls:


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