Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Her eyes are a blue milion miles

Well I didn't post anything on Thursday, so I'm making my last post of the year on it's last day.
It would be the outfit I would wear if I were going somewhere. But I'm not, so I wore it yesterday for my date with Uroš instead. So here it is.

On I have my favourite blue blouse and a black cardigan over it, since it is sleeveless and I would be cold otherwise. On the bottom half I have my black maxi skirt with slits on both sides. In an ideal world I would be wearing chunky heels, but my ankle still hurts from the injury, so I wore my black Y.R.U. platforms instead. But I think they go quite well with the outfit. And the final piece is my black faux fur coat from Romwe that I absolutely adore! 

So here it is, last day of the year. I really hope 2013 was as great for you as it was for me. So many great things happened, and also some not so pleasant ones. But there has to be a little bit of everything, a perfect mixture of bitter and sweet. In a few hours the year will end giving you a chance for a new beginning. Even if you think that you can't you can always start over, forget the past and make things better for yourself. Make some resolutions and than work for your goals, that's all you need for 2014 to be the best year so far. And if you're happy with where you are in your life right now, continue down this path and reach for the stars. I wish you all the best, because you deserve it, even if you don't think so yourself. You have the potential, you just have to make the best of it. May 2014 be your year, be happy, be sad, be anything you want to be, because you can!

I love you guys, a BIG thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog and supporting me!
Happy new year to all of you! xxx

Thursday, 19 December 2013

You and I are gonna live forever

Hello lovelies! It's Thursday again and I have another OOTD for you. These photos were taken on the day of our anniversary, but I had a different post in mind for that day. So let's get right into it!

First I have on a black crop top with lace detailing and over it a simple black cardigan just to keep me warm. Over it I have my black faux leather jacket and denim gilet from H&M. These beautiful light high waisted jeans are from Topshop and on my feet I have my T.U.K. creepers. Around my waist I tied my red plaid shirt just to give the outfit a pop of colour. I finished it off with my black beanie and bold make up. 

These past few weeks have been crazy! And at one point I just felt like I would collapse and die on the spot, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to keep your head up and sooner or later the Sun will shine through. My motivation was holidays, just one more test and than Christmas time! And it was worth it, even though I might have failed somewhere. Yesterday I slept through the whole day, because I just needed to relax a bit and forget about school. I feel much better now, energised and ready for more relaxation. :D And today I got a mail that my coat has just arrived to Slovenia, just when I gave up. I already wrote to Romwe about a refund yesterday and buum the coat arrives. I take it as a sign. When you want to give up just hold on a bit longer. 
So if you have any tests comin' up just hold on, holidays are near. Anyway I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and that you spend it with loved ones. 
And you'll be hearing from me in a week!

Until that, bye guys love ya all! xx

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Champagne Supernova

Another week has gone by and I'm back with an OOTD for you. I wore this outfit to school today, but I changed it up a bit, because it was quite cold and I really don't want to get sick right now. With that said, here is my outfit. 

The centre piece of my outfit is this red denim midi pencil skirt from Zara, and it's my favourite skirt at the moment. On top I have this blueish bralet with a tropical print that I got from H&M. I normally don't mix and match really bold colours, but I think the blue and the red go really well together in this outfit, because the plain white shirt breaks it up a bit. And it's just a basic button-up shirt from H&M. On my feet I decided to go with my black Dr. Martens boots and I wore two pairs of tights underneath, because it was really cold this morning. I also wore my green coat over it. 

My week has been pretty interesting to say the least. Maybe not all in a positive way, but interesting nonetheless. My psychology teacher always seems to know exactly what to say at the right time, and this week was no different. If you want something to happen, you need to do something about it. I know this is like the most basic logic one could possess, but it's sometimes harder than you'd think. I'm not gonna tell you what I'm talking about specifically, but it did take me much too long to do this. I could say half a year, but in reality I should have done this two years ago. I don't know why I postpone things like that, because I do try to do work related things on time. But somehow I just convince myself it's not really important until it becomes just that. And just so you know, I made the right decision to take action. I feel better, cleansed in a way. It has got me to start thinking about what I'm doing and I hope I won't stop here. I really want to progress and that won't happen with me just sitting in the corner of my room feeling sorry for myself. No one is perfect and there are always ways to work on your mindset, the way you think and act, evolve. And when you're reading this think to yourself if there is anything you have wanted to do for a long time, do it. I'm not joking, if not now then when? Life truly is too short to miss out on things, and trust me, there is nothing worse that thinking "what if..." !
I hope you have a great week and that you enjoyed this post.

Love you guys! xx

Thursday, 28 November 2013

We don't need no thought control

Hi guys! I have an outfit of the day for you today and it's the outfit I wore on Tuesday. Again we barely had any time to make these photos, so I'm quite pleased with what we produced, since we had less than twenty minutes. Thankfully the weather was great, though it was quite cold and windy. But a fine day nonetheless. So lets get started. 

I'm wearing these navy blue pants with elasticated waist that I bought in Zara and I just adore them. They are so comfy, but elegant at the same time. On top I have just a basic black crop top with this lace detailing on the cleavage area that I got from Bershka and over it I have my new white blazer from H&M that I got two sizes large, because I like it a bit oversized. It's probably my favourite piece of clothing at the moment and I have to stop myself from wearing it every day, so I don't get tired of it too quickly. On my feet are my black T.U.K. creepers that I got off Amazon. On my face again just my basic make up, some mascara, black winged eyeliner and a red lip, and on my nails you can notice my Bourjois nail polish again.

So, what's new? Not much really, it's just been school all the time for the past month or so nothing particularly interesting. Right now I was supposed to be in Novo mesto buying a new phone, since the one I have is absolute crap because it's broken and the battery doesn't work,  but that plan went South. And mom said we were going to get it tomorrow, so I hope that she doesn't change her mind again. I can't live like this, constantly depending on people around me, borrowing their phones all the time. But it's not just with the phone, I hate being dependant on other people in general. I just find that things are better done if I do them myself. And I have to wait for no one and don't have to consider other people's plans. I do think of myself as quite independent for my age, at least I try to be. I try to rely on my parent's finances as little as possible by buying clothes, electronic devices, paying for my phone bill myself with money I earn during summer or my scholarship. So it really get's on my nerves when the things I want to do depend on their approval. As for example, if I was to do a photoshoot with a photographer I would need a consent from them. And if I don't get one I can't do the photoshoot, because I'm not 18 yet. Nerve-wrecking, I know. It's not like that with all things, for example I won't change the way I dress or any other aspect of my appearance even if they hate it, which sometimes they do. But still I sometimes feel limited, because even though I know they only think of my well-being, they aren't always right. But they seem to think they are, just because they are more than twice my age. I'm not saying everything they tell me is bollocks, because it's not and I value their opinion very much, but no one is always right. I better end my rant right here, before it get's too long. I just start typing and I can't seem to stop. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post, at least the outfit part, and you'll hear from me soon!

Have a great week! xx

Thursday, 21 November 2013


Hello lovelies! Since I didn't have any time to do a photo shoot this week, and on top of that the weather was awful, I don't have an outfit of the day for you today. But I'm still making a post (as you can probably see, since you're reading it). So today I'll be talking about...*drum roll please*...SHOES. I might have given you a hint or two, or maybe ten, that love shoes. 
Let's pretend I live in an ideal world and I don't have to think of my expenses, because I can ear enough money to cover everything I need and more. In that world, I would probably need a room just to store my shoes, because I would have so many, I could wear different ones every day of the year. I'm not even joking now, but I spend waaaaay too much time checking out online shops for new pairs. And even if I know they won't fit in my budget for some time, I still have a loooong list of shoes I would like to own. Some of them are higher on the list than other, but it changes frequently, because some are so expensive, I can't even think about buying them at the moment. As you probably guess, I'll be walking you through some shoes from that list of mine, and I'm gonna limit myself to 5 pairs. 
I think my outfits are quite different from anything most people would call normal, and with special outfits you need to have special shoes. And vice versa. If you're going for crazy, go all the way. Otherwise you'll just look ridiculous. My taste in shoes is just as special as my taste in clothes, so you probably won't like most shoes on this list. They are the ones guys normally think of as ugly or stupid and in a way, they are sort of ugly. But to me, they are gorgeous. And I can't even imagine myself in a pair of Nike high tops (which I do own by the way) anymore. I've changed my outlook on fashion in the past year or two and unusual has become so ordinary to me, that I would even twitch if I saw someone in 15 cm platforms walking around town. So enough with the talking, let's get on with the shoes. 


Let's start the list with a Jeffrey Campbell shoe, since they have some of the most bad ass shoes I've seen. I've had my eye on the Coltranes for some time now, and I think this is an upgrade in the right direction. You could say they stepped up their game, and by that I mean the additional 6 cm in platform hight. They are chunky, edgy and c'moon it's called the asylum shoe. How awesome is that. And the separated platform is just icing on the cake.


A classic boot. Well maybe not so classic, but somewhere along those lines. This is a more elegant shoe and it's a take on Stella McCartneys Hadley boots, just about 10 times cheaper. It's going around the same lines as the previous one, chunky heel and split platform. In love. 


I attached two photos, because I adore both of them and I can't really decide which one is my favourite. The black and white one is more of an elegant men's shoe and the second one is more edgy and fun. I love the look of the creeper platform and the manly vibe both of these shoes have. I think they would look amazing with a fitted pair of checked trousers or even a suit. 


I've been lusting after these gorgeous shoes for quite some time now. These are the only shoes on this list that aren't black, and that's because I think this metallic silver colour looks ridiculously good and they are so polished and elegant and overall just a great and functional everyday shoe as well as made for special occasions. And again, it's basically a men's shoe. 


These ones look like space shoes to me, is that weird? They are incredibly tall and I love that the platform is almost the same hight as the heel, because that means my feet wouldn't be at a steep angle and they wouldn't hurt. Even though I can imagine they must be really heavy. But than again, fashion isn't meant to be functional, now is it? If it looks great, it's worth it! 

And I forgot to add any sandals to the list, so I'm going to extend it a little bit.


These have sold out a few months ago and ever since I've been on the search for a similar pair. As you can see, I haven't found them yet. But I hope some version of them comes back in the warmer seasons, because I really need a summer shoe (this summer I walked around in creepers and combat boots) and these look so simple, but they have something special about them that just keeps me interested. 


Okay, so this is really the last pair. They are similar to the Y.R.U. shoes that I already own, except these are sandals. It's perfect. Huge platform, but otherwise simple and black. Everything I love about a shoe. 

Okay so this will be everything for today, I hope you enjoyed my post and you'll hear from me soon.

Love you guys! xx

Thursday, 14 November 2013

All the world is my stage

Today I have another Thursday OOTD for you. It was the first day this week that wasn't rainy, otherwise we would have to reschedule the photoshooting But luckily the weather was great and there was no sunshine this time! It was a bit cold though... Okay enough small talk, let's get to it. 

The main piece of my outfit is this gorgeous sporty black dress that I got from Zara a few days ago. Since it was quite chilly today I wore my green coat from Bershka over it to keep me warm. On my head I have my lovely black beanie that I've literally been wearing every day and on my feet my platform sneakers again. I really have to switch things up a bit. On my nails I have a lavender nail polish, that matches the colour of my glasses perfectly and for make up some mascara, black eyeliner and a red lip. 

I love art. I've always loved art, creating and exploring new worlds you never thought imaginable. I find myself to be quite eccentric in everything I do. I love being different and art allows me to do that. The only limits you have in art are the ones of your mind. You can go as far as your imagination let's you, and maybe even a little bit further. It helps you explore the darkest most inner parts of your mind and soul, that you hide even from yourself. It helps set you free from yourself. And that goes for drawing, painting and writing, as well as everything from fashion to acting. In the past few months I've been realizing just how much I enjoy the latter. I've always enjoyed acting, and if you think of it that way, it's basically lying. I've been doing that for as long as I can remember and maybe even way too much. Does that make me weird? Probably yes. This feeling of transforming yourself into another person, changing your mindset and everything around you, it's magical. The more I act, the more I fall in love with it. It's addictive. But than reality steps in and tells me to get my shit together and realize, that I will most likely get nowhere in life with this as a career choice. And it's more or less true. I know it is. And still, there's this voice inside me that keeps telling me I have to do this. That our of drama club is literally the best hour of my week and I start looking forward to it the second I get out of that classroom on Thursday. Oh confusion, doubting yourself is the absolute worst thing you can do. 
Enough of the rambling, I don't want you to fall asleep! So I'll just say thank you for reading and you'll hear from me in a few days or so. 

Oh and I almost forgot, I had tea with my lovely schoolmates today and since some photos were taken, why not post them:) Oh and for the record, Blaž and Matija were also there (since you can't see them in the photo), because what fun would it be without them? 

Love you guys, have a great weekend! xx

Monday, 11 November 2013

Transitioning weather

Here it is. Summer ended before we knew it and Fall came. And now it's almost winter time. Transitioning from one season to another is always difficult for me and I don't think I'm the only one. It's not just the problem of buying a whole new wardrobe, because there are probably some pieces from previous years that you can use. You can find new ways to incorporate your old clothes, maybe even take a pair of scissors and reinvent it. 
 If not, you should go smart about your purchases. Try to think long term and by that I mean invest in statement pieces that will be the foundation for your style. For me that means a nice jacket or a coat, a skirt that stands out or a well made dress. Something that you can wear day in and day out and it instantly makes your outfit pop. And I almost forgot, invest in a good pair of shoes! In my opinion shoes can make or break an outfit, so you really shouldn't underestimate their importance. You may or may not have figured it out, but I have a minor obsession with shoes at the moment, so I may make a whole post about shoes I like. Well as I was saying, spend more money on clothing that you think defines your style. Than you can add just a simple shirt or a pair of pants and you have a great looking outfit. 
So let's look more into the cooler seasons, by that I mean Fall and Winter of course. If you're like me and don't mind wearing skirts, shorts and short dresses when it's cold outside you won't have a problem with diversity. In that case make sure you always have a stack of tights at home and a pair of over the knee socks, because they always come in handy when you need some warmth. 
But I believe most of you rather stick to pants when Summer ends, so things can get a bit boring sometimes. You can avoid that by choosing a more out there and crazy pair of trousers, that can spice things up a bit. Another thing that I find useful is layering. Warm jumpers and cardigans are your best friends in this part of the year. You can simply throw on a jumper over a shirt and baaam, you look great. And you're warm too, isn't that great? That way you can also play with proportion. If you want to show for example the highwaistedness of your pants you can still wear a crop top, just throw a shirt or a cardigan over it and you can top it of with a gilet. Possibilities are endless really.
 Then comes the coat. If  you don't mind putting a bit more money into it I would advise you to buy a high quality one, because it's going to last you longer. In this case choose something versatile in shape and colour, something that you won't get tired of after a year. But if you find that your style changes often, buy something that doesn't completely empty your wallet. 
Now for the shoes, my favourite part.You can't go wrong with a simple black boot. Depending on your style you decide for yourself what kind of boot that might be. Ankle boots are better for fall, but when snow falls you'll need something more functional. Combat boots are a good option if your style is more on the tough side, because they are waterproof in most cases and you can wear them with pretty much everything. If you want something more feminine, you can stick with the leather, but find something with a heel instead. But make sure they are above the ankle, otherwise you may have some problems. 
The last thing you need are a pair of gloves, a scarf and a hat. A bit obvious you might say. This year a pair of leather gloves have caught my eye, but I'm not really sure if they soothe me. A warm and thick infinity scarf is a great option, because if keeps you from catching a cold and at the same time makes a great accessory. For the hat you can go with anything from a plain beanie to a bowler hat or even a beret. 
At the end of the day the only thing that matters is that you feel comfortable.

Here are some of my picks for fall/winter outfits this year:

Thank you for reading guys, I hope you find something useful in all this rambling. Love you! xx

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Walking on sunshine

Hello lovelies, it's Thursday so that means I have another OOTD for you today. Today was quite a sunny day, so I may look a bit washed up in the photos, but none the less...here's today's outfit!


So let's start with the clothes. On I have a lovely black maxi skirt with split sides that I got in H&M and a low armhole tank top with a photo of Johnny Depp from the movie Cry-Baby. On top I have my lovely faux leather jacket that I got ages ago. On my feet I have my Y.R.U. Quozmo Hi platforms that you've seen before and I couldn't go without my black beanie, that I later forgot at school. My nails are lavender again and on my lips I have a rich red coloured lipstick from Manhattan. As for my eye make up I just have a basic winged liner and some mascara. 

All good things eventually come to an end and so did our holidays. And we're back to school so that means tests, loads of homework and studying. But hey, why point out the negative? Holidays are fun, but for me it get's boring soon. I like to be occupied. I don't know, maybe I'm just weird like that. 
So we had this lecture about responsibility today and I found it quite interesting. It's true, we're on a constant search for excuses, especially in school. I'm sure most of you hear them on an everyday basis and so do I, even from myself. It's the easy way, just blaming someone else for the bad marks you get and the homework you never finished. But what good does it bring you? It just makes you upset with the world and the people around you and that's not an environment you can be productive in. You can't progress, make yourself better, because you start to believe it's not really your fault. To be totally honest I do that a lot, maybe not so much in school, but in life and I'm not ashamed to admit it. We all have flaws, it's what we do to correct them that counts. And I decided that I'll do just that. No more feeling sorry for myself, no more rethinking things that can't be changed. Life goes on, whether I like it or not. And being stuck in a moment that passed a long time ago won't help me. I have no idea why I'm telling you this, maybe I just needed to put it out there to make it more real. It's written down now and it will soon be posted on the internet, so no changing my mind after 0.2 seconds. Let's say I'll try to change my mindset by the end of the year, so I'll start 2014 a better person. I'm optimistic, I know.
Now away from all the serious life lessons, we got our class photos yesterday. Does anyone else find it amusing to look at the photo and analyze everyone? Maybe it's just me. But you can always see a little bit of everyone's personality in it. Every face tells a story if you spend enough time with those people to see it. Okay that'll be enough for today, I hope I didn't bore you too much. And I'll just add our class photo, because I feel like it.

We're a pretty lot, aren't we? :D

So that's it, you'll hear from me soon and until than have a great week and enjoy life! xx

Sunday, 3 November 2013

DIY Floral Crown

Today I'll be showing you how I made my black floral crown. This is how the finished product looks.

So to make a floral crown you will first need a plain headband similar to this one:

I used a black one from a two pack that I got in H&M, but you can use any colour you like. Just make sure it's minimalistic and not too thick, so it isn't visible under the flowers. 

As you might have figured out already the next thing you'll need are some flowers: 

The type of flower and it's colour is really up to you, I would just advise you not to choose one too big, or you might have trouble with attaching it. Mine are also from H&M and they were originally hair clips, but i removed the clip part. And It think they have them in variety of colours, if you decide to purchase them. Mine are black, because...who doesn't love black?

So the last thing you're going to need is a glue gun:

You can use super glue, but a glue gun just worked better for me particularly. 

Now the process of making the crown is pretty simple. You plug in your glue gun and wait for it to get really hot. Be sure to put a sheet of paper underneath to protect the surface. After a few minutes squeeze the trigger to see if the glue if hot enough to flow out. In the meantime position the flowers around the headband the way you want them to look. When your gun is ready start from the middle of the headband. This way you'll make sure that the flower are evenly spread around it. So now you just attach the flowers one by one. Try not to jiggle it around too much until you're really sure the glue is dry. It make take some time, don't forget, you can't rush perfection. Otherwise you'll have to redo it when it falls off. 

So that's it, you now have a beautiful flower crown. I hope this post was helpful in any way.

Have a nice day, love you guys! xx

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